• What is Lasik eye surgery?

    Lasik Eye surgery is a refractive surgical procedure to correct myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia.

  • How is laser eye surgery performed?

    It is performed with an Excimer Laser which is programmed to remove a defined amount of tissue from a part of your eye called the cornea.

  • What does laser eye surgery do?

    Laser eye surgery eliminates the need for glasses and/or contact lenses for distant vision. However, you will still need to wear reading glasses after the age of 50.

  • How effective is laser eye surgery?

    Laser eye surgery has been around for more than 30 years and has proven itself to be a very safe and effective procedure for suitable candidates.

  • Which medical aids pay for laser eye surgery?

    Unfortunately, medical aids do not pay for laser eye surgery.

  • Who qualifies for laser eye surgery?

    There are alot of criteria which need to be met in order to be a safe candidate for surgery. My staff will perform a free “screening” test to assess your suitability. Please contact lasersurgery@drdaleharrison.co.za for more information.

  • I accidentally got water in my eye after lasik surgery, what do I do?

    Depends on how soon after the surgery! It’s also very important that you do not rub the eye within the first week of surgery.

  • How to cure cataracts?

    Cataracts can only be cured with surgery. Phacoemulsification is an ultrasound driven technique that breaks up the cataractous lens within the eye using a sutureless keyhole technique. To find out more, make sure you contact us.